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SOS0184 Smother and Suffer - Mistress Maire Rua take Ms F.Rank - Fully encased in nylons

Statuesque Irish Amazon Mistress Maire Rua is used to getting what she wants, and on today’s menu is petite alternative blonde Ms F. Rank.

And what a dish it is as Mistress Maire Rua is determined to completely take Ms F Rank by seducing and smothering her. There is little the smaller blonde can do once those giant hands enclose her mouth cutting off her oxygen supply. Even if she was physically able to escape the clutches of the Irish amazon, the constant tribbing and grinding through the pantyhose is so distracting and pleasurable that any resistance is sapped from her.

With their feet rubbing against each other, Maire Rua is in complete control as she both seduces, smothers and punishes Ms F. Rank. She flips her over onto her belly and pulling her neck back, massive hands over her mouth, and the smaller blonde’s eyes tell the story as she suffers beneath the more dominant woman.

The final smother is one of our most dominant and complete captured on film as Mistress Maire Rua brushes her hair back, as her victim lies face down completely spent mind, body and soul.

Mistress Maire Rua wears Cecilia de Rafael 15 denier eterno 15 black pantyhose with a long sleeved sheer bodyshirt black 15 denier

Ms F.Rank wears nude 15 denier shiny pantyhose and long sleeved sheer bodyshirt nude 15 denier

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