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SOS0185 Wild Women - After the Club - Ginary & Davina Carrington

English Davina Carrington and American Ginary have crashed out on the bed in their hotel room after a wild night of partying. As they slumber accidentally their feet touch, which begins a semi conscious battle over bed space, as their feet and toes intertwine.

Eventually the jostling for position rouses each woman from their sleep, and they turn into each other which begins the struggle anew, but then something changes and each woman locks her crotch onto the others and they begin to rub, grind and trib.

Interlocked they grind trying to take the dominant top position, grabbing each other’s breasts, and kissing each other deeply. Their two bodies become one so close are they to each other as their moans echo around the bedroom as they gyrate trying to outlast each other and prove who is the stronger in this test of sexual stamina.

Eventually one woman climaxes loudly, and with superiority proven the other let’s the floodgates open to her own shuddering orgasm, as the two kiss passionately now that the question of who is the wildest woman is settled.

Davina Carrington wears green satin strappy bra and panties.

Ginary wears black satin strappy bra and panties.

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