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SOS0186 Vampire Bites and Smothers - Kali takes Aralia

In this specially produced custom clip a vampire (our apex predator, Kali) has lured her victim (visiting American, Aralia) back to her den for a few drinks.They sit on the bed and take off their shoes and boots off. They start a passionate making out and kissing session.

The kissing is very passionate with deep kissing in particular Kali seems to be paying particular attention to Aralias neck, both girls are really turned on and wraps legs around each other. Kali tells Aralia to stay the night, Aralia says it is too late she has to get back, but Kali gets behind her and gently starts kissing her neck and turning her on, Kali also whispers in Aralia’s ears persuading her to stay.

Kali then gently sinks in her fans to give Aralia a gentle paralysing bite. Aralia is now slightly

sedated and is gently persuaded to stay. She is told to take her clothes off, go under the covers and relax, Kali tells her she will be sleeping in the next room. Aralia goes

under the covers and falls asleep.

Kali returns wearing her shiny red lingerie, black shiny pantyhose and a long black cape on her shoulders. The vampire tip toes towards the bed, climbs up and slides next to the victim under the covers.

She starts gently stroking her victim giving her pecks on the cheek and neck. The victim opens her eyes, the vampire lovingly stares into her, shushing her and telling her to be quiet. The vampire then continues with the pecking that develops into light open mouth kissing and neck kissing. Kali removes the covers over from Aralia and uses her cape to shroud her victims body. The vampire continues with deep sensual kissing on the victims mouth and moves over her neck gently kissing and licking the neck ready for sinking her bite. Kali opens her mouth and slowly sinks her bite into the victims throat. The victim screams and starts shaking her feet , but Kali uses her feet like a claw to grab her victims ankle that is visible from the bottom of the cape and holds on to her ankles as she is slowly draining her.

The vampire now lies on top of her victim gently stretches her neck and sinks her fangs in under

her chin in the middle of her throat lying motionless on her prey slowly drinking her blood. The

victim is whimpering and quivering.

The vampire lets go and the cape is removed now Kali turns into a slithering snake. She turns her victim over onto her stomach and slithers on her back to engulf her from behind, keeping using her feet to grab her victims ankle. She delivers very slow bites to the neck to paralyse her prey and then coils her legs around the victims torso. She wants to kill her slowly and lovingly she is shushing, loving and killing her, remaining very calm and focused. The victim is petrified, she is whimpering quivering and shaking and trying to escape, but the vampire is calm and in full control with her body wrapped around the prey and her face stuck to her victims face kissing loving and shushing her. The vampire is using a combination of constriction and hand over mouth suffocation to slowly finish her victim off.

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Aralia wears a black headscarf, gold patterned blouse and black skirt, before stripping down to see-through white bra, black panties and nude shiny pantyhose

Kali wears a black blouse, black leather skirt and black shiny pantyhose, before returning in a black cape and red shiny strappy buckled corset and panties

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