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SOS0187 Wild Women - Judo Girls - Goddess Anastaxia and Davina Carrington

Two women, voluptuous blonde Goddess Anastaxia and redheaded Davina Carrington are sat on the mats after Judo training in their GI’s discussing how their training is going. As they talk their soles of their feet are shown off to the camera.

After awhile they decide to test each other’s strengths and techniques, there is a palapable erotic tension between the two, as their bodies become locked together stripping their GI’s off and locked in body to body contact on the mats.

Neither however appears to be able to give into their erotic urges and instead chokes their rival using their hands and GI belts before once more locking into close body to body contact.

It is obvious that each wants the other, but these two alpha wild women are unwilling to give in to their lust and thus gift their rival the advantage.

Every muscle and body part is in close proximity as they grapple locked together, even their feet play their part as they battle toe to toe.

Eventually one woman is choked into submission while the veins pulse in her forehead as the winning lady tribs her way to her victory prize.

Davina Carrington wears a white gi with blue belt before stripping down to green Nike lycra sports bra and shorts

Goddess Anastaxia wears a blue gi with white belt before stripping down to black Nike sports bra and shorts

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