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SOS0188 Vintage Wild Women - Actresses - Jade and Davina Carrington

In this specially produced custom clip, two actresses (Davina Carrington and Jade) are supposed to perform a catfight scene for a soap opera. As neither of the two is accustomed to fighting, the director advises them to meet in private in order to perform the script privately, and perhaps get a little more “comfortable” with each other, as well as with wrestling/fighting.

So they read the scenario they are supposed to perform where they decide to meet and play it out!

They are supposed to be the wife and mistress of the same man who have agreed to meet on a secluded place in order to fight each other out. The script is supposed to end the fight with an erotic undertone.

The opening scene shows them in business attire, high heels, no stockings, moving separately in a house/apartment setting, carefully “looking for each other”…

Carefully they try to find each other first, and supposedly surprise the opponent…

The camera shows them walking with knees bend trying to find each other while watching over their backs as well.

They suddenly meet and face each other simultaneously.

One of them locks the door behind them.

They stare each other seriously, and start circling, arms outstretched, and knees bend…

They slowly come closer, and at the same time start grabbing each other, (slowly, and ritualistically, as if trying things out…). They grab each other from the shirt, hand, to hand, arm to arm, (scuffling with each other). They get onto freezing tests of strength, for a minute or so each (finger lock, wrestler’s stance with one hand behind the neck and the other, use your imagination…)

Eyes locked on each other, faces a little apart in the beginning…

Conversation starts (as they begin to take their shoes off slowly, while still locked in combat…). They try to take them off without breaking their hand grips on each other. Just using their feet..

Breathing becomes a little heavier

They try to act the scene they are scheduled to perform. So they act seriously as if they are playing it.

The next part of their plot is taking off their clothes and being left fighting in underwear…

After some fighting they slowly break (after some deadlock ) and confidently (angry faces), remove their earrings, and clothes.

They begin to take their clothes off and are left with underwear

They now move closer and lower their knees approaching each other…

They exchange close and vigorous tight grips with their hands, and arms, while also trying to involve their legs and feet while standing. They occasionally stay locked in a test of strength

They begin to get a little more intimate with each other. They bring their faces close, and start to touch foreheads and cheeks.

While locked and getting sweaty…

Now (as part of their script), their fight has to get a little more intimate. So they ask each other in preparation for what is coming up..

They stare each other as much as possible and for it to be an almost ritualistic fight, with tight close grips, and face-to-face and body-to-body contact... They try to prepare for the real scene

They very slowly come closer, and lower their stance, circling each other, arms outstretched.

They come closer and closer, lock fingers or arms, or do a mutual choke hold, so that they maintain the tension between them, while they try to get towards the more (erotic part) facing each other and straining hard.

Faces at and/or foreheads touching, staring each other...

They try some mutual choking with one or two hands hand (lightly),

Talking is almost in a natural tone…

They slowly now have to move on the more “intimate part”.

They maintain a serious look, fighting breathing heavily as time goes by, without screaming. They are both determined to get as close as possible to the plot!

Their heavy breathing intensifies...

They slowly fall down entangled, legs and feet locked, face to face, very slowly "wrestling", with tight holds, .

And as they "fight" on the floor ..

Slowly the holds become a tight body to body, face to face embrace, and both are excited, and feel the need to "end", but don't want to reveal it to each other...

They are getting both tired and excited..

Hips are moving a bit more rhythmically against each other’s…

Feet are touching or rubbing together, thighs locked hard..

They keep going at it…

They slowly stand up and clasp hands in a standing arm wrestling stance while staring each other…

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Both ladies begin in business attire blouses and skirts with high heels, fight finishes with both ladies wearing navy blue lingerie.

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