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SOS0189 Dark and Intense - Sativa takes Bianca Blance

The Black Venus, Sativa must have thought all her wildest dreams had come to when she found out that she would be facing sensual Italian, Bianca Blance in a Dark & Intense encounter.

Bianca was one of the break out talents on the scene within the last twelve months and has already built up a reputation as one of the most tactile ladies around.

Will the sensual allure of the sultry Italian be enough to throw Sativa from her game plan of dominating and taking the raven-haired Bianca in the newcomer’s first time in Dark and Intense.

This one is without a doubt one of the most erotic and sensual Dark and Intense clips we have ever filmed. These two normally dominant women are very much attracted to each other, unusually Bianca becomes predominantly submissive as Sativa dominantes her, smothering her repeatedly, running her hands all over her body, grabbing her breasts, choking, kissing her passionately and tribbing her.

Their moans echo around the studio, but it is Bianca who is putty in Black Venus’s hands who has her way with her time and time again, and Bianca enjoys it as will you watching these two unabashed women enjoying each other’s bodies.

As the title suggests it is Sativa who takes the spoils here but the Italian debutante no doubt enjoys her first Dark and Intense experience.

Sativa wears black bra and thong

Bianca Blance wears black bra and thong

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