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SOS0192 Smother and Suffer - Blaze takes Aralia

In this specially produced custom Blaze is cast in a different role as a cold emotionless dominant force who dominates and destroys American visitor, Aralia.

The two women lock up is this measured and controlled encounter, they lock their arms around each other but it is Blaze who takes Aralia down to the mats and takes top position. A position she does not relinquish for the rest of the encounter, this one is all Blaze as she easily and methodically dismantles the American making her suffer beneath her.

She wraps her lithe arms around Aralia’s neck in a rear naked choke and wraps those long dancer legs around her and takes complete control, sapping the strength from Aralia slowly but surely. She smothers Aralia with her breasts and by placing her hand over her mouth.

You can see the realisation dawn in the American girl’s eyes that Blaze is in complete relentless control, and is taking her time, relishing in Aralia’s demise. Blaze’s hand makes it way across Arala’s mouth, smothering her and making her eyes go wide as she succumbs to the dominant Blaze.

Blaze wears a black and white lycra one piece swimsuit

Aralia wears a black and white lycra one piece swimsuit

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