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SOS0193 Wild Women - Goddess Anastaxia vs Ivy Satinee

Blonde bombshell, Goddess Anastaxia faces off against Italian powerhouse, Ivy Satinee in this hot Wild Women encounter.

Anastaxia has faced off against the best but she may have finally met her match in this Wild Women encounter with Ivy. If you are a fan of powerful body to body, face to face bearhugs then this is the one you have been waiting for.

These two strong goddesses wrap their arms around each other and do their best to squeeze the life out of their opponent. They spend most of this encounter ample breasts to ample breasts as they compete.

Their muscles strain from the effort as they begin standing, before kneeling and eventually to the floor. Once they get to the floor they continue their struggle until finally one usually dominant force has to concede defeat clutching her taut stomach, as it can take no more punishment for a more powerful wild woman.

Ivy Satinee begins wearing a red figure hugging dress before stripping down to white bra and panties.

Goddess Anastaxia begins wearing a black figure hugging dress before stripping down to pink bra and panties.

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