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SOS0194 Vintage Smother and Suffer - Inferno takes Liz Rainbow

Sexy Spanish siren Liz Rainbow makes her Sisterhood of Sin Debut debut in a scene pairing her with fiery redhead Inferno. Two girlfriends are sat on the bed but it’s getting late and Liz Rainbow has to go but Inferno has other ideas.

She kisses her which Liz Rainbow obviously enjoys whilst removing her dress, the two ladies move down to the bed kissing passionately which Inferno utilises to remove Liz’s pantyhose before starting to remove her own blouse. As Inferno removes her skirt Liz makes a move to leave and Inferno tells her that she won’t be going anyway and pounces on her forcing her to the bed. Grapevining her legs she kisses the sultry Liz before removing her own pantyhose.

With the pantyhose off Inferno positions herself behind Liz and kisses her neck, back and shoulders whilst her hands and feet caress Liz’s body. The seduction continues until Inferno wanting Liz to stay the night wraps her legs around her lithe body and knocks her out with a handsmother.

This clip is super-sexy and is different from any other release so far, its builds slowly and softly before a sudden smothering finish.

Liz Rainbow wears a cyan strappy dress, red lingerie, nude pantyhose and patterned high heels with red pedicure.

Inferno wears a white blouse, black leather skirt, black lingerie, black sheer pantyhose and navy blue high heels with red pedicure.

Both ladies remove clothing throughout the scene and both end in just their lingerie and pantyhose.

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