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SOS0195 Smother and Suffer - Ava Simone takes Davina Carrington on the bed

The last time Ava Simone appeared for the Sisterhood of Sin was in the super hot, super erotic and super popular SOS0178. In that encounter she seduced, smothered and caused MILF, Dee Williams to suffer. Now this blonde hardbody is back, and this time her victim is English redhead, Davina Carrington.

Unfortunately for Davina, it appears that history is going to repeat itself. Ava wraps a leg around her and restrains her kissing her neck. The neck kissing continues and she places Davina front down on the bed and climbs on top of her pulling her to the side to kiss her on the lips.

The Brit is putty in Ava Simone’s hands as she gyrates on top of her, the kissing takes a more sinister tone as forced prolonging kissing makes Davina start to panic and struggle to escape but Ava is not a seductress but she is strong too, and the redhead is powerless to escape.

She is flipped over so that they are face to face and there is more forced kissing. Before Ava takes her back, bored of seducing the redhead she wants to deliver the coup de grace and places two hands over Davina’s mouth smothering her and stealing her breath.

As Davina is out, Ava delivers one final kiss to yet another victim that she has seduced, smothered and caused to suffer.

Davina Carrington wears a red leopard print thong bikini

Ava Simone wears a black mesh sports bra and black thong

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