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SOS0196 Vintage Smother and Suffer - Goddess Anastaxia takes PussyWillow

In vintage Smother and Suffer beautiful blondes are featured as Anastaxia takes PussyWillow. This is a rare sight as the tall powerful PussyWillow is Anastaxia’s victim, from the start as Anastaxia stretches her out PussyWillow is in rare submissive form.

Their bodies are entwined as Anastaxia entrances the camera and PussyWillow in a seduction of smothering, Anastaxia’s powerful legs are wrapped around her prey as she squeezes, smothers and grapevine’s PussyWillow. Her hands steal her victim’s breath as she is powerless to resist the seduction.

Anastaxia is clearly enjoying herself as she groans in ecstasy as she takes PussyWillow, multiple neck bites sap the willpower from PussyWillow as she is sacrificed to Anastaxia’s desires.

This is a one-sided sensual smothering masterpiece featuring two stunning blondes.

Anastaxia wears black lingerie with black Waitrose sleek 15 denier fully encased pantyhose/tights

PussyWillow wears black lingerie with tan sheer-to-waist fully encased pantyhose/tights

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