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SOS0200 Unleashed - Rage ShieldMaiden and Kali go wild

To celebrate our two hundredth release we have a truly special encounter between two seductive, yet powerful women.

Little did we know when we paired up the “Apex Predator” Kali against Serbian Alpha Rage Shieldmaiden for a Wild Women encounter that a brand new Sisterhood of Sin series would be created - SOS Unleashed!

Both of these proud women are determined to dominate the other, and neither are used to be made to submit to another woman’s will.

They are interlocked, arms and legs wrapped around each other, testing each other’s strength and grind their bodies together in everything you have come to expect from a Wild Women encounter.

What sets this Unleashed encounter apart is the sheer ferocity in which these look to exhert their will. Red welts appear across their shapely arse’s, pubic bones are slammed making their opponent gasp with both pleasure and pain.

This is a raw, primal and animalistic encounter between Kali and Rage, which left them both physically, mentally, emotionally and sexually drained as these two forces of nature clash in this epic battle.

Could Rage finally be the women who tames Kali? Or does the Serbian end up panting for breath a spent force having been cowed by the Sisterhood of Sin’s MVP.

One thing is for sure if there is one clip you buy in 2020 then this is the one without a doubt.

Kali wears a black bra and panties

Rage wears an orange and black spotted bikini

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