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SOS0205 Smother and Suffer - Davina Carrington takes Raven Eve

Davina Carrington and Raven Eve are in their hotel bed, they stare into each other’s eyes hungry with desire. Their hands explore each other’s bodies and their breathing is deep, there is no mistaking that these two want each other in the worst possible way.

The British redhead pushes her crotch into the black haired American as they continue to caress. Davina certainly appears to be dominant as she teases Raven with fingers in her mouth, forcing her down to the bed and gyrating her hips producing erotic gasps from the American.

Raven doesn’t want to be anyone’s bitch and reverse the position as the two are intertwined feet, legs, arms. They are breast to breast, and crotch to crotch feeling each other’s breath as they moan with pleasure.

They trib, the lycra of their swimsuits creating a pleasurable friction, and Davina is determined that she is going to be on top choking Raven, cutting off her supply of air and flipping her over onto her stomach.

The Brit takes Raven’s back, licking her neck and hand smothering her, and Raven likes it, moaning with erotic pleasure. The hand over mouth smothering continues as Raven gyrates and moans, she is enjoying being dominated by the redheaded Davina who seduces and smothers her until she is laying there on the bed, spent and smothered.

Contains: kissing, hand smothering, choking and tribbing

Davina Carrington wears a black lycra thong one piece

Raven Eve wears a red lycra thong one piece

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