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SOS0209 Wild Women - Bitchy Mums - Enchantress Sahrye and Davina Carrington

Exotic Enchantress Sahrye is sat on her couch awaiting the arrival of redheaded Brit, Davina Carrington. She’s invited Davina over for a parent conference following a fall out between their two children. There little angels have been squabbling at school and they want to amicably resolve the issues.

Upon Davina’s arrival it becomes apparent that this will not be the case as the accusations are thrown about each other’s offspring's behaviour, culminating with some finger poking, which then leads to the British woman going to leave and being restrained by the American Sahyre.

Removing their glasses the two women decide to settle it in true Wild Women fashion woman to woman with the loser being forced to apologise.

These two proud women bearhug, pull hair, slap ass, grab breast and lock fingers, but as they struggle body to body, breast to breast and crotch to crotch, neither can resist the warm tingle which begins to radiate from their pantyhose covered crotch.

It’s not long before they are locked in a lust fuelled trib battle of arousal,as each tries to best and seduce the other and force the apology. These prim and proper mum’s really let their hair down as they are excited and surprised at the feeling which their rival is invoking in them.

Who will be forced to apologise the redheaded Brit babe, Davina Carrington or the exotic, sultry Enchantress Sahyre or will their erotic encounter be interrrupted?

Enchantress Sahyre wears glasses, peach blouse and tight cherry print black skirt, shiny pantyhose and black heels before stripping down to red bra and panties (pantyhose remain on throughout)

Davina Carrington wears glasses, black and white patterned blouse, white pencil skirt, black pantyhose and black heels before stripping down to turquoise bra and panties (pantyhose remain on throughout)

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