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SOS0210 Smother and Suffer - Snake - Davina Carrington engulfs Jade

Davina Carrington dominates Jade is this erotically charged smother encounter. The scene begins with Davina taking the role of the “Snake” stretching on the mats awaiting her prey. Unwittingly, Jade steps onto the mats, and whilst she is not meant to be Davina’s prey this day she will make a perfectly good substitute

Whilst they talk, Ms Carrington strikes and takes Jade coiling her muscular legs around Jade dominating her. Jade is the willing victim and seems receptive, in fact she seems strangely aroused to the prospect.

Davina switches between delicately kissing the super sexy Jade, licking and biting her neck and hand smothering her. It becomes obvious that both ladies are attracted to each other, and that Jade is the willing submissive as she is erotically dominated.

Eventually Davina becomes bored of her plaything and smothers Jade out once and for all, and begins the hunt for her next victim.

Davina Carrington wears a snake patterned pantyhose, covering her arms, body and legs

Jade wears flesh coloured bra and panties with nude shiny pantyhose

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