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SOS0211 Dark and Intense - Ivy Satinee faces Sativa

Italians are renowned for their sensuality, but the last time one of them faced the Black Venus, Sativa in a Dark and Intense encounter she owned them body and soul. Now it’s buxom powerhouse Ivy Satinee who has oiled up to get her hands on Sativa.

The oil glistens from their skin as the two explore each other’s bodies, as they struggle against each other, lithe Sativa is deceptively strong as the busty Italian finds out.

They scissors, smother and squeeze each other on the slippery canvas. Ivy is as strong as an ox and is resilient against the relentless seduction by Sativa. This frustrates the Black Venus and she resorts to pulling hair, hand over mouth smothering and choking Ivy.

At times it looks like Sativa could be the one who ends up being dominated, but as time wears on it becomes apparent that Ivy’s physical, emotional and sexual resolve is weakening as Sativa mounts her and tribs her struggling form.

Sativa wants a kiss, but Ivy is determined not to allow her lips to touch her own, Sativa’s answer is to choke her out so that she can kiss this beautiful Italian whilst she lays prone, defeated and spent in the dark and the oil.

Ivy Satinee wears a black bra (which barely contains her considerable assets )and thong

Sativa wears a red bra and thong

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