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SOS0212 Smother and Suffer - Inferno takes Ms.F.Rank OIL

Ms F.Rank is a beautiful petite blonde with a fire in her belly and an unwavering spirit as she steps onto the Sisterhood of Sin mats to face off against the wily veteran flame haired, Inferno.

Ms F.Rank is confident that the oil which coats her’s and Inferno’s bodies will act as an equalizer and that she will be able to chalk up her first win against female competition.

At times it would appear that this will be the case as the combination of Ms F.Rank’s desire, oil and smothering enables her to have Inferno is real trouble writhing and struggling in the blonde’s grasp.

This a real seesaw encounter with each woman hand smothering the other in an attempt to dominate. Just when it looks Ms F.Rank will emerge victorious, Inferno takes her back, places a hand over her mouth and relentlessly smothers the blonde.

She seals her victory by kissing Ms F.Rank who has been made to suffer and be smothered as her glazed eyes stare at the camera as Inferno celebrates her dominance over the spunky pint sized blonde.

Ms F.Rank wears matching black Calvin Klein sports bra and thong

Inferno wears matching red Calvin Klein sports bra and thong

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