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SOS0213 Wild Women - Massage Appointment - Davina Carrington corrupts Hannah Elliott

Australian Hannah Elliott is tired after a long day of filming and so has hired a masseuse, Davina Carrington, to massage away the aches and pains from the day.

Davina has conveniently forgotten her massage table and so is providing the service on Hannah’s bed. Davina is determined to turn shy Hannah Elliott over to playing with women

Davina oils up Hannah’s toned body, rubbing her from top to toe. She starts to touch her more intimately and Hannah responds. Then kissing her neck, face and back from behind, before flipping her over and beginning trib the tall woman. Screams of passion echo around the bedroom as Davina grinds on top of Hannah bringing her to orgasm.

Sweat beads on their soft skin, before Hannah takes the top position and returns the favour driving Davina to an ecstasy filled conclusion as the two women rub and undulate pussy to pussy.

This is one hot and sexy trib encounter.

Hannah Elliott wears pink bra and panties

Davina Carrington wears yellow bra and panties

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