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SOS0214 Smother and Suffer - Butch Cop Killpussy takes Terra Mizu

Art Thief Terra Mizu has been captured, but won’t give up where she has hidden the priceless painting she stole.

Unfortunately for her, the police have brought in their most feared interrogator, Butch Cop Killpussy, the blonde amazonian merciless destroyer.

Terra still pleads her innocence, but will she continue to do so in the face of Killpussy’s intense interrogation. This pretty American brunette is about to find out the real meaning of the term “Hard Time”.

Killpussy enters the interrogation room and immediately places a leather gloved hand across Terra’s mouth smothering her and cutting off her air supply.

She wraps those big strong arms around Terra’s neck cutting off her air supply and forcing her eyes to roll back in her head.

Killpussy gropes Terra’s breasts, pulls her hair and repeatedly cuts off her oxygen supply with prolonged gloved hand over mouth smothers. Everytime Terra’s eyes roll and she goes limp, Killpussy brings her back round and begins the punishment and relentless questioning again.

The real question is will Terra give up the painting’s location before Killpussy forces her eyes to roll and her body to sag for the last time?

Terra Mizu wears a satin burgundy blouse, black pencil skirt, nude pantyhose and black high heels

Killpussy wears a police officers blouse, a black leotard, black leather gloves, shiny pantyhose and black boots

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