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SOS0216 Wild Women - Unleashed - Kali and Blaze go wild

Blaze and Kali lock up covered in oil in this primal Unleashed encounter. Blaze has repeatedly fallen prey to the Sisterhood’s apex predator Kali, and is hoping that in this more primal encounter that she can let out her wild side and gain her revenge against her nemesis.

The two women snarl at each other and lock up like two feral jungle cats and throw themselves at each other with reckless abandon. They throw their strong legs around each other completely entangled struggling and snarling.

Both women inflict deep neck bites on their rival and use their strong hands to subdue and choke their opponent.

There is no love lost here, as Blaze is determined to finally inflict a loss on Kali, and Kali is incensed by Blaze’s audacity in challenging her supremacy once more.

Both women have their moments in ascension but finally one traps the other with python like legs and inflicts a prolonged throat bite on her hated foe whilst smothering her hands, snarling in victory as all her vanquished opponent can do is whimper and twitch as her life force is extinguished at the hands of her hated foe.

Kali wears black bra and panties

Blaze wears black strappy bra and black and leopard print strappy panties

For Kali and Blaze’s history of matches see:

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