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SOS0217 Smother and Suffer - Davina Carrington takes Ms.F.Rank

In a first for the Sisterhood of Sin we present this Smother and Suffer encounter featuring Davina Carrinton and Ms F.Rank. What sets this apart in this specially produced custom is that a voiceover from Davina provides you with an insight into her internal monologue as she seduces and takes the smaller blonde.

Both Davina and Ms F.Rank are on the sofa chatting. Ms F.Rank says it was nice to meet Davina but it is late and she has to go back, Davina takes her heels off, gets close to her and starts to make her move very gently and kisses the smaller blonde who resists at first and then starts kissing back.

Ms F.Rank also takes her shoes off and they both kiss on the sofa with legs intertwined and coiled around each other. The smaller blonde goes to get up and leave again but the redhead persuades her to stay and gently holds her from behind and starts kissing her neck and turning her on.

Davina kisses her neck to seduce her and persuades her to stay the night. Davina escorts her into the bedroom and tells her to get undressed apart from her pantyhose and bra.

Once on the bed Davina has her exactly where she wants her as she entwines with Ms FRank continuing the deadly seduction kissing, licking and grinding against the younger blonde woman, but soon her deadly motives become apparent as she begins to choke and smother Ms F.Rank causing her to moan in pain and pleasure as her eye rolls into her head.

Unfortunately for her the game is over as Davina has obtained her latest trophy as Ms F.Rank lays prone unmoving on the bed.

Davina Carrington wears a white blouse, charcoal skirt, What Katie Did black fully-fashioned stocking and suspenders (remain on throughout) and black high heels before stripping down to teal bra and panties

Ms F.Rank wears a pinstripe summer dress and black shoes before stripping down to white bra and panties with tan shiny pantyhose

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