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SOS0219 Smother and Suffer - Goddess Anastaxia faces Davina Carrington

Smouldering Davina Carrington and Goddess Anastaxia sizzle as they stalk each other, stretching out in front of each other, showing off who is more flexible and who will be more dominant in this match. Both women are bare legged, bare footed so they can go head to head, skin to skin.

Taunting each other with what they are going to do to each other. Davina wants to crush Anastaxia between her legs and hand over mouth smother her. Anastaxia replies that it's a good plan but while pulling her leg behind her head informs her that it will be hard with someone as flexible as she is. She then demonstrates in several yoga poses how incredibly flexible she is and what a marvel it is.

Davina lunges at her opponent but it is short lived as she is stronger than she looks and completely dominates her. Davina tries to come back and gets the upper hand however it is short lived as Anastaxia using rear naked chokes, hand smothering, foot domination and takes Davina down.

While down she has her wicked way with her, pulling back her hair and licking, biting and lightly kissing her neck. There can be only one winner and it is the divine Goddess Anastaxia.

Davina Carrington wears a matching strappy bondage style black Bikini

Anastaxia wears a bondage style bikini top and leopard print bikini bottoms

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