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SOS0221 Dark and Intense - Rage ShieldMaiden faces Davina Carrington

Young Serbian phenom, Rage makes her Dark & Intense debut encountering redheaded Milf, Davina Carrington in the oil.

Rage is a powerhouse, but she has never before stepped into the unique environs of the Dark & Intense oily, slippery and sensual encounter.

This is a real to and fro encounter as these two proud beauties are intertwined and use their powerful legs to elicit groans of pain in tight scissorholds as they explore each other’s bodies in the oil. Slapping, grabbing, pulling hair, choking...this is a hot, sensual battle.

Rage gives the experienced Davina a lot to handle. It’s time for the more experienced woman to push harder, Davina forces her fingers into the younger woman’s mouth. This has the immediate effect in driving Rage wild with passion, dismantling her fighting spirit and making her putty in the redhead’s hands.

Rage is choked and smothered and becomes uncharacteristically submissive as Davina Carrington takes her young prize.

Rage Shieldmaiden wears black Calvin Klein sports bra and thong

Davina Carrington wears red Calvin Klein sports bra and thong

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