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SOS0223 Smother and Suffer - Olga and Blaze Double Smother

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

Two different Smother & Suffer scenes featuring sexy blonde Olga Cabaeva and flexible Blaze.

In the first Blaze stars as a ballet teacher with bad intentions with Olga playing her unwitting student and victim.

The scene starts near the end of their lesson as both women are stretching out, their taut bodies encased in pantyhose highlighting their suppleness and sex appeal. Olga thanks Blaze for the lesson and gives her a hug goodbye, but Blaze has a different idea.

Like a snake she strikes, and at first Olga is unsure of what is occurring until those amazingly powerful legs of Blaze are wrapped around her and hands are clamped over her mouth. The bombshell blonde begins to panic as her fear rises as Blaze controls her frantic form.

Olga is powerless to escape as the predatory Blaze is like a cat toying with her prey, placing her hands over her mouth, smothering her, and then letting go, before eventually a final handsmother knocks her out.

Blaze then kisses the neck of her limp victim and claims her prize.

In the second scenario both ladies star in a fantasy smother scenario.

Olga is stretching on the mats, unaware of the coiled serpent like Blaze who is camouflaged in the corner, and like a python waiting to ambush it's prey The Snake played by Blaze strikes.

There is little the petite blonde can do as strong muscular legs are wrapped around her, as she is brought tighter and tighter into Blaze’s clutches, the air being systematically drained from her lungs.

Her struggling and muffled groans become less and less, as Blaze slithers and coils all over her, placing a hand over her mouth to smother her further.

Blaze has her prey and poor Olga is defenceless, and when it’s all over The Snake has struck again.

Who will be the Snake’s next victim?

In the first scene Blaze wears black bra and panties encased in black pantyhose

Olga Cabaeva wears white bra and panties encased in tan pantyhose

In the second scene Olga wears a white bra and panties with full tan encased pantyhose

Blaze wears a snake nylon bodysuit

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