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SOS0225 Smother and Suffer - Ivy Satinee tricks Sativa

Busty Italian visitor Ivy Satinee has not fared to well against the Black Venus, Sativa (see SOS0211 & SOS0175). Sativa with her alluring personality, powerful body and bjj experience has overwhelmed, seduced and dominated the powerfully built Ivy.

They meet on the bed and once again Black Venus is too much for the Italian. Despite Ivy Satinee’s best efforts, Sativa repeatedly wraps her long legs around her and places her hand over her mouth and smothers her.

You can see the desperation in Ivy’s eyes as she knows what is coming once Sativa clamps her hand over her mouth restricting her breathing. Sativa is in her element there is nothing she likes more than dominating other strong women, and watching them struggle to no avail.

Ivy begs for a break as a smiling Sativa rests on top of her, but Ivy has a cunning plan. It has become obvious to her that she is unable to compete with Sativa fair and square so she seeks some chemical assistance.

Once the break is over, Sativa is once again on top and a struggling Italian places her hand over Sativa’s mouth from the bottom. A surprised Sativa’s eyes roll in their sockets and she crumples from on top of Ivy and is in lala land.

Now is the time for Ivy’s payback as it is not her turn to repeatedly place her hand over Sativa’s mouth and smother her.

Sativa is now her plaything and she repeatedly is brought around and then placed under again, by a giggling Ivy Satinee.

Eventually pleased that her revenge is complete she leaves Sativa on the bed to come round and figure out exactly what just happened to her.

This custom video includes lots of views of both womens’ armpits for all of your armpit fans out there

Ivy Satinee wears grey and black bra and panties

Sativa wears a black and white patterned bra and black panties

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