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SOS0227 Smother and Suffer - Kali destroys Luna Toxxxic

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

The usually feisty petite blonde, Luna Toxxic is fairly muted as she views the Sisterhood of Sin’s Apex Predator, Kali facing her on all fours on the mats.

The two met before in the classic SOS0134 where Kali owned Luna body and soul, devouring her will, seducing and smothering her in one of her first SOS appearances.

Luna is submissive, and bows down before Kali practically giving herself over, rather than try to deflect the inevitable, she is fearful knowing what fates awaits her at the hands of Kali.

Kali mounts her from behind and so it begins, she completely controls the smaller woman throughout. Biting her neck, wrapping her legs around her and squeezing her coils. But dominating Luna physically is not nearly enough and you the viewer safely sat on the other side of your screen can witness first hand the power of Kali’s mesmerising gaze.

She is in no rush to digest her meal, and it allows for a slow, sensual and sexy decimation of Luna. The camera pans over the action allowing you to watch how Kali uses every part of her body from her feet to her mouth to devour her prey.

Luna’s eyes are wide, her whimpers agony as she is masterfully forced to be smothered and how does she suffer.

This is Kali at her best in all her erotic glory as she seduces and destroys the body and soul of another woman.

Luna Toxxxic wears a black bra and thong

Kali wears a black bra and thong

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