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SOS0228 Wild Women - Full Body PIns - Sativa vs Davina Carrington

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

The Black Venus, Sativa and redheaded Davina Carrington meet on the Sisterhood of Sin mats to settle their differences. These two have met many times in the past, sometimes Davina subdues Sativa and sometimes its Black Venus who comes out on top.

This is a first though as they compete in a Full Body Pins match, where the winner will be determined as the one who completely pins down their rival with their entire body.

A true testament to the fitness and power of these two wild women as they use all their muscles, power and technique against each other. Throughout they are entirely interlocked breast to breast, thigh to thigh, crotch to crotch as they try to pin their rival.

Total body combat is the name of the game here, and it shows off both women’s athletic physiques, with thick thighs and sexy feet, to marvellous effect. Both warriors groan with the strain, but also perhaps with some slight arousal at the unavoidable closeness and heat from their rivals crotch.

Eventually one warrior is spent and is splayed out by her rival who uses her toes to control her rivals feet in a complete starfished grapevine pin.

But will it be Sativa or Davina who is victorious in this unique encounter between the two?

Sativa wears purple bra and thong

Davina Carrington wears a red bra and thong

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