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SOS0232 Smother and Suffer - DragonLily takes Davina Carrington - Double Bill

Does the beautiful Ultimate Surrender veteran, Dragonlily know Davina Carrington’s weakness? That is the question you will be asking yourself after watching this Smother & Suffer double bill featuring the British Davina against Dragonlily from across the pond.

DragonLily takes Davina Carrington on the bed

In the first scene Davina is asleep on the bed, but it would appear that Dragonlily wants her attention, she snuggles into her back, kisses her neck and caresses her with her feet.

Davina obviously likes it and arches her body in response to the tanned beauty’s touch.

Eventually the soft caressing neck kisses take a more sinister turn as Dragonlily knows Davina’s kryptonite and bites her neck sapping Davina’s willpower as she mounts her as the redhead’s resistance and willpower fades away.

Dragonlily wears a white patterned bra and panties

Davina Carrington wears purple bra and panties

DragonLily takes Davina Carrington - Fully encased

Both in full body pantyhose they stretch out on the mat, Dragonlily pounces taking Davina from behind and forcing her down to the mat. She spreads Davina’s legs and grinds against her using her full body weight, trapping her to the mat and forcing the air from her lungs. Trapping Davina’s hands with her feet she kisses the back of Davina’s neck. Ms Carrington knowing what will follow from their previous encounter escapes and rolls onto her back. Futile as now Dragonlily is straddling her.

A brief breast smother is coupled with kissing, their bodies are firmly intertwined and Dragonlily uses her flexibility to keep the British woman under control, who is helpless beneath the Asian beauty. Trapped between Dragonlily’s legs, the seduction continues as does the anticipation as anyone who has watched their previous encounters knows what is coming.

Soft kisses are replaced with a snake bite across Davina’s throat, ignoring her whimpers, Dragonlily punishes her with hand smothers, bored with her English opponent, Scorpion desperately tries to escape.

Dragonlily wears red & white bra and thong underneath black sheer pantyhose body

Davina Carrington wears black bra and thong underneath tan sheer pantyhose body

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