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SOS0233 Wild Women - Mothers at War - Goddess Anastaxia & Davina Carrington

The children of two mothers have been involved in a fight at school. The two mothers (Goddess Anastaxia & Davina Carrington), who know and do not particularly like each other, decide to meet at one of their houses alone, when no one is around, in order to discuss matters.

The discussion rapidly gets out of hand and the women start grabbing each other and wrestling. They slowly come closer, and at the same time start grabbing each other. They grab each other from the shirt, hand, to hand, arm to arm. They get onto freezing tests of strength (finger lock, wrestler’s stance with one hand behind the neck and standing arm wrestles)

They break apart and undress while sizing each other up.

They slowly approach each other, knees bend, and lock up, in a test of strength. This time faces come closer, touching, and legs and feet get involved while standing (use your imagination.

They try again some grips, and tight and close holds on each other, a bit more prolonged, trying at times to bring each other down..

They slowly start to bring their other hand closer and closer to each other’s neck, as if in agreement and lightly (almost as if testing each other ) begin to press. Their breathing does not change as neither one wants to reveal any sign of weakness to each other…

They slowly fall down entangled, legs and feet locked, face to face, slowly wrestling, with tight holds, and hands grabbing tightly each other’s bodies…

They both try not to reveal their emotions as they fight

They test each other’s feet with their own and they squeeze thighs…

Slowly the holds become a tight body to body, face to face embrace.

They are getting both tired and excited, but both want to subdue the other..

Hips are moving against each other’s…

Feet are touching or rubbing together, thighs locked hard..

They keep going at it…

After more struggling, and no conclusion

They freeze, locked and straining hard, while staring at each other’s eyes…

They nod and agree to meet again to finish….

Anastaxia wears white blouse, black pencil skirt, black high heels. Then black lingerie

Davina Carrington wears white sheer blouse, leopard print pencil skirt, black high heels. Then dark blue lingerie

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