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SOS0234 Dark and Intense - Vicious Smother - Kali takes Davina Carrington

A Dark and Intense encounter with a difference. This is truly a vicious smother destruction of Davina Carrington by the Sisterhood of Sin’s Apex Predator, Kali.

It is a departure from it’s sensual and erotic predeccessors, Kali is determined to end the redheaded Davina. Never before has Davina been humbled in such a defining manner and never have we heard the panicked groans and moans emanate from her.

It is as if Kali is attempting to elevate her predatory status to new dizzying new heights as she shows no mercy. She mercilessly hand smothers Davina repeatedly cutting off her oxygen supply, making her eyes roll back in their sockets, before being brought round and forced to endure the punishment.

Kali’s strong hands are locked around her throat choking her, her hair is pulled and powerful forearms wrapped around her neck in insane rear naked choke holds.

The oil and ominous dark lighting somehow intensify the dismantling of Davina by Kali’s overwhelming smothers, never has the redhead been so relentlessly smothered and assaulted.

The end result is never in doubt by the unyielding swarming smother attacks that Davina suffers; it's rather more the question of whether she will survive.

As the camera fades, Davina is sprawled on her back, body limp, eyes rolled over and glazed as Kali stalks into the camera, hunting for her next victim.

Davina Carrington wears a white CK bra and thong

Kali wears a black CK bra and thong

For more of Kali see:

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