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SOS0235 Wild Women - Grifter vs Fugitive Agent - Dee Williams and Mistress Kara

Two Ultimate Surrender alumni square off in this highly erotic custom Wild Women encounter. Blonde Dee Williams is a grifter who has arrived in Las Vegas and eager to make her mark. Mistress Kara is the Fugitive Recovery Agent eager to capture the criminal and get herself a nice bounty.

Kara bursts into Dee’s hotel room to apprehend her, but the sweet talking Dee uses her womanly assets to bewitch the strong agent. Kara traps her in a reverse bearhug using her strength advantage to overwhelm Dee.

The blonde realises that her seduction may need a more physical approach and the two engage in a test of strength.

It is not long before the two are tangled on the bed, stripping off their clothes and this is where Dee realises her assets give her the advantage. Those impressive breasts are used to smother Kara, and coupled with facesitting and some gyrating it soon becomes obvious that Kara’s will is starting to evaporate in the face of Dee’s relentless sensual assault.

Kara fights back with some chokes in an attempt to restrain Dee and fight her off. A final grinding and frenetic trib brings one of these women to orgasm whilst the other leaves her bewildered on the bed following a highly erotically charged trib battle.

Dee Williams wears a black low cut dress with nude pantyhose and black stillettos before stripping down to black bra and thong and keeping the pantyhose on.

Mistress Kara wears a Fugitive Recovery Agent shirt with black leggings and black knee high boots. Before stripping off to black bra and panties.

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