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SOS0237 Smother and Suffer - Blaze takes Athena

Fitness and MMA babe Athena is the next woman to take on Blaze in dominant form. Will the hard body Athena fare any better than any of Blaze’s previous victims.

Blaze for a long time found herself as SOS cannon fodder, but it would appear that she has been studying her nemesis Kali. Blaze is becoming more dominant and devouring her opponents.

The two beautiful women are stretching on the mats, but whilst Athena is still stretching out Blaze strikes wrapping those immensely powerful dancer's legs around Athena’s chiseled physique. Even for someone as powerful as Athena once you are in Blaze’s snake clutches there is no escape. Those legs squeeze the fight from Athena and there is little she can do as Blaze places her hand over her mouth and the air is taken from her.

Blaze slides and squirms all over Athena all the time tightly locked offering no escape, Athena’s fate is sealed, and her amazing physique offers little protection from the predatory Blaze.

Blaze wears a full body lycra snake skin catsuit

Athena wears an electric blue bra and thong

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