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SOS0240 Wild Women - Leather Assassins - Axa Jay vs Blaze

In this custom Wild Women encounter two rival leather clad assassins meet on the mats to settle their differences. In their tight fitting leather outfits which accentuates their impressive physiques raven haired Blaze and blonde Axa Jay look magnificent as they meet up to settle their differences woman to woman.

The two women are completely entangled, their limbs locked together as they struggle on the mats. They scissor and grapevine each other forcing the leather tight against their skin and sending little shivers of pleasure coupled with the pain as it is forced close against their skin. Breast to breast, crotch to crotch they battle it out in a glorious catball

It is difficult to know where one ends and another begins so closely they are entangled in practically identical shiny black leather with just the hints of midriff exposed as they roll around the mats.

Eventually one can take no more as she is spread wide in a deep grapevine whilst she is choked out by her rival, who then rifles through her pockets looking for their prize.

Is it the lithe raven haired Blaze who is victorious or the vivacious blonde Axa Jay?

Blaze wears a black leather jacket, black leather trousers and short black leather stiletto boots

Axa Jay wears a black leather jacket, black leather trousers and knee high black leather high heeled boots

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