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SOS0241 Smother and Suffer - Davina Carrington takes Dee Williams

It’s a darkly lit bedroom, British redhead Davina Carrington is in bed with busty blonde American Dee Williams, what could possibly go wrong?

Dee looks to be in ecstasy with Davina mounted on her back, nibbling her ear, eliciting moans of pleasure. These moans heighten as the redhead kisses and licks her neck, whilst her hands explore the blonde’s curvaceous body, their feet rubbing together.

This will not be an evening of gentle love making. Both women like to play rough. Davina glides her fingers in Dee’s mouth then places a hand over her mouth and begins to smother her.

These two full bodies women grind against each other, kiss passionately, choking and hand smothering. Their lovemaking is wild and animalistic, clearly exciting both women.

The hand over mouth action becomes more frequent as Davina steals Dee’s breath causing her eyes to roll back in her head. This continues until Davina smothers Dee into oblivion and sends her out with her eyes rolled back into her head.

Another victim for Ms Carrington, who’s next?

Davina Carrington wears a red spandex thong swimsuit

Dee Williams wears a white spandex thong swimsuit

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