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SOS0242 Wild Women - The Club - Veve Lane vs Davina Carrington

Two women British Davina Carrington and American Veve Lane have filled in an application online for a secret female fight club.

The two women meet in the center of the room in bikinis. They stare at each other for a little, as they have never met before, and approach each other. They know this time it will be a little more aggressive than they are accustomed to.

They come apart and circle each other, as they have pre agreed on the specifics of their encounter.

They start with a test of strength that lasts a few minutes. They start a little more aggressively but with steady, tight grips, hands changing slowly from stretched to extended, occasionally eyes locked on each other’s, but faces not touching yet. There is no moaning, just slowly an increasing heaviness in their breathing, as they are trying to subdue one another.

The spirit is competitive. There is no smiling or laughing throughout their fight. They then slowly change to a wrestler’s stance, with hands behind each other’s neck, slowly grappling, foreheads touching occasionally…

They end up bear hugging each other, testing each other’s strength and trying to bring each other down.

They fall down all wrapped up, thighs squeezing each other, feet trying to fight each other’s, and faces now coming together and touching more often,..

They don’t yell or moan, but just breath hard, trying not to show any emotions to each other.. They do breath harder though as the action gets more competitive

They begin rolling on the floor slowly grips changing from finger locks to embraces, occasional hair pulling and lots of body-to-body contact

Now the the action becomes more fast paced and competitive. The eroticism comes out of their tight holds, grabs, embraces and leg/feet squeeze. They are rough with each other.

After a long fight the women end up deadlocked, limbs tangled together, breathing heavily, both exhausted but obviously turned on. They mutually decide to a draw...they must fight again...

Davina Carrington wears a black bikini

Veve Lane wears a mosaic multi coloured bikini

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