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SOS0243 Smother and Suffer - Fever takes Ivy Rain

We are not sure that all natural girl next door busty Ivy Rain knew what she was signing up for when she agreed to face tattooed Fever on the Sisterhood of Sin mats in an oil covered Smother and Suffer encounter.

These two young women meet on the mats, but it is Fever who takes the newcomer down to the mats first mounting and choking her whilst running her hands over Ivy’s curvy figure.

The new sensation of the oil and Fever’s innate sensuality visibly turn the busty brunette on eliciting moans of pleasure. You can see the realisation dawning on her face that this isn’t going to be all sensual as Fever wraps her strong legs around her in a scissorhold and forces her head into her breasts, stealing her breath away.

Fever knows all too well having been on the receiving end from Kali what she needs to do. Fever is going to seduce whilst simultaneously smother dominate, and it is obvious that she has learned well as she sits on Ivy’s face, grapevines her legs, chokes, kisses and even camel clutches the new girl.

The smothers become more frequent as Fever places her hand over Ivy’s mouth and pinches her nostrils preventing her from breathing. She wraps her toned legs around her waist and places her hand on her throat.

There is little the inexperienced Ivy can do, she is putty in Fever’s hand as she both arouses and dominates this pretty girl next door.

A final prolonged hand over mouth smother with a tight bodyscissor puts Ivy out for the last time, and Fever’s work for the day is done.

Fever wears black bra and panties

Ivy Rain wears black bra and panties

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