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SOS0244 Dark and Intense - Ava Simone faces Kali

This is the match-up we had to make as the two most seductive women on the Sisterhood roster meet in a Dark & Intense encounter. It’s the Apex Predator Kali facing off against hardbodied American, Ava Simone with both of them drenched in oil.

Kali’s pedigree is unrivalled in the Sisterhood of Sin leaving a who’s who of the roster seduced and destroyed. Ava is a newer member but has already carved out her niche as a sensual savage.

Kali is confident that the blonde will fall to her like all the others, Ava believes her combination of power and sensuality will overwhelm the Sisterhood’s reigning Queen.

This one is intense and oozes with slow-burning sexual energy. These two women slip and slide their bodies as they scissor, hand smother, kiss, choke and grind atop each other as they try to dominate and seduce their rival.

Both women have their moments on top but eventually one of these Alphas is subdued as she is smothered, choked and kissed into submission.

The question is, does the American blonde hardbody succeed where all others have failed and topple the Apex Predator Kali? Or does this young upstart end as another victim to the Queen of the Sisterhood?

Kali wears black bra and panties

Ava Simone wears a black strappy bra and leopard print panties

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