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SOS0245 Smother & Suffer - Venom takes Ivy

The legendary Venom is back and making a welcome return to the Sisterhood of Sin as she takes off the Brazilian bombshell Ivy. These two are both experienced combatants but that is where the similarity ends as the blonde pale Venom is a stark contrast from the tanned raven haired Ivy.

These two skilled powerhouses lock-up and it’s the buxom Ivy who ends up on top of Venom wrapping her strong arms around the blonde's head and wrapping her legs around her feet. To Ivy’s frustration Venom is impassive showing no reaction to the predicament which she finds herself in as the Brazilian tightens her grip trying to force a submission.

Venom living up to her name takes Ivy by surprise, suddenly snake biting her neck, and then wrapping those powerful legs around her like a constrictor. The tables are turned and now Ivy is in real trouble. The more she struggles the more Venom tightens her grip, panicked groans elicit from the sexy Brazilian as try as she might she cannot escape from the blonde’s powerful clutches.

They stay in tight body contact throughout, nose-to-nose, pressed together with Venom on Ivy’s back. Legs wrapped tightly around her.

Venom uses hand over mouth smothers to further cement her domination of Ivy as she slowly, but surely tightens her grip. There is an innate sensuality in watching one powerful woman take her time dominating and subduing a powerful opponent.

Ivy is defeated completely and utterly and Venom takes her as there is little the proud Brazilian can do as this blonde squeezes and smothers any hope from her beautiful victim.

Note for all of you Sisterhood foot fans, both women have VERY sexy feet (Ivy in particular has gorgeous long toes) and you get plenty of shots of them throughout.

Ivy wears white bra and thong with red pedicure

Venom wears dark red bra and thong with red pedicure

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