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SOS0246 Wild Women - Actresses - Inferno & Davina Carrington

Two actresses (Inferno and Davina Carrington) have been booked to perform a catfight scene for a soap opera. As neither of the two is accustomed to fighting, the director advises them to meet in private in order to get a little more “comfortable” with each other, as well as with wrestling/fighting…..

After searching for each other in the apartment...they meet and face each other simultaneously.

They stare each other seriously, and start circling, arms outstretched, and knees bend…

They slowly come closer, and at the same time start grabbing each other, (slowly, and ritualistically, as if trying things out…). They grab each other from the shirt, hand, to hand, arm to arm, (scuffling with each other). They get onto freezing tests of strength (finger lock, bear hug, wrestler’s stance with one hand behind the neck and standing arm wrestles)

They begin to take their clothes off and are left with underwear. They resume fighting, they are both slightly uncomfortable as they have never fought with a woman like this before. They check the other is okay whilst wrestling and getting closer. It is a lot harder than they thought it would be, but both of them are beginning to get turned on, although both of them try to keep it hidden from the other.

They wrestle harder, slowly the holds become a tight body to body, face to face embrace, and both are excited, and feel the need to "end", but don't want to reveal it to each other...

They are getting both tired and excited..

Hips are moving a bit more rhythmically against each other’s…

Feet are touching or rubbing together, thighs locked hard..

They keep going at it…but are so evenly matched that they agree to a draw.

They very slowly lay on their backs, staring each other hands clasped together,...

Inferno wears white blouse, grey pencil skirt, black high heels. Then stripping to cream lingerie

Davina Carrington wears white blouse, blue skirt, black high heels. Then stripping to red lingerie

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