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SOS0247 Smother and Suffer - Girls Night Gone Bad - Laken Fire and Davina Carrington

Davina Carrington has invited Laken over for a girls night in, the two are on the bed browsing the net on Davina’s laptop. She’s found a website she wants to show Laken featuring smothering. Laken seems intrigued but not as into it as Davina, but the redhead has other designs as she rubs her foot against Laken’s and playing with the top of her pantyhose. This makes the raven haired beauty uncomfortable and she begins to make her excuses and to make her way home.

Davina has other ideas as she removes Laken’s pantyhose and ties her to the bedpost, keen to emulate the videos that they have found on the internet, despite Laken’s protestations Davina has her way with her, placing her hands over her mouth and smothering her repeatedly.

So much for a nice girl’s night in!

Davina Carrington wears black bra and panties with nude pantyhose/tights (pantyhose are removed)

Laken wears blue lingerie and black pantyhose/tights (pantyhose are removed)

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