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SOS0250 Smother and Suffer - Veve Lane takes Davina Carrington in NYC

Davina Carrrington has travelled the world encountering some of the hottest and talented performers. She has introduced many of them into the Sisterhood’s hallmark Smother and Suffer matches and although she may not win them all Ms Carrington normally makes them suffer in the end.

There is one woman though who has given the redhead all the Smother and Suffer she can handle and has come out on top most of the times that they have met. Davina must be brave to challenge the legendary Veve Lane in her own backyard of NYC in this unearthed classic encounter, which has to be their most intense yet.

These two accomplished grapplers go at it with wild abandon as Davina desperately goes all out to avenge her previous defeats at the hand of Veve. They each desperately try to wrap their legs around their opponent in triangle scissorholds to restrict their breathing and they are successful as you can tell from the wild hair, sweating and panting from the incredible exertion of these two female warriors.

After a very even contest, Davina finds herself in the same position as their previous encounters as Veve traps her perfectly in a triangle scissor around her toned stomach, her arms wrapped around Davina’s neck and her hot breath in Davina’s ear.

Veve starts to constrict, cutting off the redhead’s air, as you can visibly see the fight drain out of her. Once more she has been subdued and seduced by Veve Lane who eventually ends her abject defeat with a hand over mouth smother over a spent Davina Carrington.

Do not miss this instant classic between two incredible women.

Veve Lane wears a red patterned bikini

Davina Carrington wears a black bra and thong

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