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SOS0252 Wild Women Unleashed - Fever faces Ms F.Rank

Fever is on a roll. In her last appearance she completely overwhelmed and punished newcomer, Ivy Rain (see SOS0243). Now she glides onto the oiled mats to face the fearless petite blonde, Ms F.Rank

They meet on their knees and caress each other’s bodies in the slick oil, the electric attraction between the two is almost palpable but it is Fever who strikes first wrapping her powerful legs around the blonde’s midsection in a tight bodyscissors. Fever has learnt from her bitter defeats to Ava Simone and Kali, and now wants to prove that she can be the punisher rather than the victim.

However, she will find that Ms F.Rank as anyone who has watched her will know is no pushover and always provides stiff resistance. The real question is can her tenacity resist the combination of Fever’s sultry persona and punishing holds.

Ms F.Rank finds herself trapped in a camel clutch while Fever’s fingers probe her soft mouth before placing her hand over her mouth and smothering her. The tenacious blonde responds by turning the tables mounting Fever and slamming her pubic bone into Fever’s.

And it is at this point that it becomes obvious why we have categorised this as an Unleashed encounter as these two throw themselves at each other with wild abandon. Their hands explore each other’s bodies whilst they slam their pussies together to both inflict pain and pleasure on their rival. Neither wants to give way, but eventually the eroticism of the oil, the punishment of the scissorholds proves too much as she is trapped in a grapevine whilst our worthy victor tribs and grinds to drive home their superiority.

This is one hot as hell encounter between two wildcats.

Fever wears black bra and panties

Ms F.Rank wears black bra and panties

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