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SOS0254 Wild Women - Yoga Wrestling - Tomiko and Davina Carrington

Two hard bodied women meet in private to test each other’s strength in a secret yoga wrestling contest. Raven haired Tomiko and redhead Davina Carrington oil themselves in preparation for their match as they discuss their expectations for the trials ahead. The coconut oil coats their bodies in a sexy sheen, as their anticipation heightens.

They lock up in a traditional collar and elbow tie up before testing their muscled and tight abs with a mutual stomach claw. They release and lock fingers and Davina powers Tomiko to the mat and stretches her out in a grapevine spreading her tanned legs wide causing her to groan in pain.

Tomiko reverses it and locks her muscled thighs around the Brit’s squeezing tightly and the battle is on and each woman tests her opponent’s flexibility in a variety of painful and stretching holds including leg spreads, full nelson coupled with grapevine and leg nelsons.

As the battle rages on they choke each other, test those abs with more stomach claws and grapevine each other inflicting punishment on each.

Their bodies become intertwined as they lock their thighs around each other, the bodies close together and feeling each other’s hot breath on their faces as they groan with exertion.

The close oily body to body contact arouses both women as being so tightly locked together and the friction of the oil creates arousal as they writhe and grind their thighs clamped together until they reach orgasm together.

Both women will certainly be keen to yoga wrestle each other and other opponents again.

Davina Carrington wears a yellow sports bra and black bikini briefs

Tomiko wears a black sports bra and USA flag bikini briefs

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