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SOS0257 Wild Women - Yoga Bunnies - Andrea Rosu and Davina Carrington

Two busty redheaded Milfs, Andrea Rosu and Davina Carrington are performing Yoga in Andrea’s front room. As Andrea stretches she talks about how hectic her life is with her husband and three children and how she struggles to get time for herself.

Davina questions her about it and Andrea mentions that she recently met up with her friend, Jessica. Little does Andrea know that Davina fancies her, and that the mention of Jessica has given her an opportunity to act upon her secret desires.

She has heard a rumour that Andrea and Jessica have shared intimate moments, and is desperate to see if Andrea still has those bisexual tendancies even though she is married.

Davina kisses Andrea’s neck and takes her down to the carpet; where she attempts to kiss Andrea on the lips. Andrea resists and ends up on top of Davina.

Unperturbed Davina continues to try and seduce Andrea, the two redheads' beautiful bodies are intertwined and Davina grinds her crotch into Andrea’s. Their legs scissor each and strong arms wrap around each other in tight bearhug as they wrestle each other on the lounge carpets in their tight yoga pants.

Andrea is desperate not to cheat on her husband but will she be able to resist Davina’s relentless and seductive advances?

Andrea Rosu wears red sports bra and blue lycra yoga leggings

Davina Carrington wears a black and granite python sports bra and grey fish scale lycra yoga pants

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14 de jan.



14 de jan.

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