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SOS0258 Scissor and Suffer - Davina Carrington crushes Lottie LaLay

There is nothing in this world that redheaded seductress Davina Carrington likes more than breaking in a new woman into the Sisterhood. It is an added bonus however when they come in the form of the incredibly sexy blonde, Lottie LaLay making her debut.

In this clip Davina combines the slow, crushing power of her thick thighs with sensual seduction. A dangerous combination!

Ms Carrington has invited Lottie to stay the night, and Davina wastes no time in making Lottie feel at home by kissing her passionately and stripping off her blouse, skirt and pantyhose revealing in her bra and panties.

Lottie writhes in anticipation of what is to come as Davina strips her blouse and skirt off to reveal a strappy red bra. The two begin to kiss passionately again.

Sensual moans escape Lottie’s lips as she is putty in the more experienced Davina’s hands. Lottie seems to have a heightened response to kissing on her neck, so Davina pays it close attention and runs her tongue along it.

After a prolonged session of kissing and rubbing, Davina flips Lottie over so that she has control of her back, reaches down behind a pillow and withdraws a pair of pantyhose which she now wraps around Lottie’s neck. Those groans of pleasure are now ones of distress as Davina has now complete control.

Now Lottie is subdued she is hand over mouth smothered and long powerful muscled legs wrap around in a tight scissorhold.

Lottie is squeezed in a long, tight figure four which scissorhold fans will love. Davina sensually squeezes Lottie while kissing her.

Eventually Lottie becomes another victim and notch on the devious redheads’ bedpost.

Lottie LaLay wears a white blouse, black leather skirt, with pantyhose and black high heels, before being stripped down to just bra and panties

Davina Carrington wears a black blouse, animal print skirt, pantyhose and matching heels, the blouse and skirt are removed to reveal a red leather strappy bra and panties, the pantyhose stay on Davina throughout.

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