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SOS0259 Wild Women - Leather Assassins - Davina Carrington vs Agent 013

Leather clad Davina Carrington is Agent001 when she receives a phone call to tell her that a new girl has been recruited to the agency and that she needs to test her in the “usual way”.

Davina awaits and Agent013 enters, a tall powerful looking blonde clad all in leather. It is unusual for a woman to be taller than Davina, but the statuesque Agent 13 certainly fits the bill.

The redhead frisks the blonde, running her hands all over her body, paying particular attention to her tight leather clad ass.

The two get ready to test their strength. They grip each other tightly in a bearhug and squeeze their leather clad bodies together in a tight embrace, as they readjust their hands, the slapping sounds resound off of their shiny black leather outfits.

They lock fingers and match their power, Agent013’s height gives her a slight advantage as they jockey for position and match strength. After neither is able to overpower the other they engage in a standing arm wrestle, and Davina is impressed by the blonde newcomer’s strength and power.

Agent013 is impassive, but you can see the frustration start to build in Davina’s face as the sweat begins to form from the exertion and the tight leather outfits.

The action drops to the bed and now the real battle begins as these two proud powerhouses are wrapped tightly together with bearhugs and interlocked scissored legs and thighs. They jockey for position, hair is pulled and the slap of leather is clearly heard. This is a battle for supremacy and pride, but does Agent013 pass her test or does Agent001 send her scurrying back to the streets where the agency found her.

Both women wear shiny black leather trousers, leather jackets and leather boots.

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