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SOS0261 Smother and Suffer - Ava Simone takes Davina Carrington in oil

The red hot chemistry between Ava Simone and Davina Carrington is blatant throughout. Strong powerful legs wrap around chiseled abs and crush the very air from each other’s bodies, hands are placed over mouths in deep and prolonged smothers. They battle all over the mats, and to assist this power struggle more sensual techniques are employed as hands explore taut bodies and kisses are used to assist in weakening their rival.

It’s a match which turns into an all out war as these two powerful wrestlers take it to each other on the slippery oiled mats.

Eventually the relentless assault weakens one of these two alpha femmes as the tight scissors, hand smothers and sexual assault is proving too much and she succumbs to her rival.

Does Davina (who is probably regretting wearing the micro tanga thong which cannot keep her ample breasts covered) who gains a measure of revenge for her sisters within the Sisterhood who does Ava own her on the mats, the title of this clip may give the outcome away, but this is a don’t miss battle for honor and supremacy which for any fan of the Sisterhood of Sin or the two ladies involved is must see!!

Davina Carrington wears a red animal print micro tanga thong bikini

Ava Simone wears a black bikini

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