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SOS0265 Smother and Suffer - Blaze takes Davina Carrington

Lithe dancer Blaze is stretching out on the mats, when she is joined by redhead Davina Carrington who wants to share the mats with her. As the two women talk Blaze shows her her toned and incredibly flexible physique as she prowls and writhes.

She wraps her strong legs around Davina, rubbing the redhead’s face with her feet before using them to pin Davina’s hands by her sides. Now that her prey is trapped beneath her and controlled she rolls over taking Davina’s back.

The pantyhose accentuate Blaze’s amazing calf muscles as she dominates Davina, who can only kick her feet trying to escape as she whimpers.

She is totally under Blaze’s control, who then places her hand over Davina’s mouth and smothers her repeatedly whilst using her pantyhose clad feet to control her.

Davina is completely dominated by the sultry raven haired beauty and simply cannot escape.

A prolonged neck bite spells doom for Davina as she is devoured body, mind and soul by a dominant Blaze.

Blaze wears a black bra and panties covered by a black pantyhose encasement

Davina Carrington wears a black bra and strappy thong

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