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SOS0267 Dark and Intense - Davina Carrington owns Lottie LaLay

Poor pretty blonde, Lottie LaLay has come to Davina Carrington’s Sisterhood of Sin studio for a photoshoot. It all begins innocuously enough as Lottie poses on the bed for the camera showing off her beautiful body.

Davina starts to occasionally touch Lottie to move her into position before the touching becomes more obvious before removing her own blouse and skirt.

Lottie doesn’t read the warning signs when Davina puts the camera down as the predatory Davina mounts her, begins to caress her before kissing the sexy blonde.

Davina lifts the smaller blonde off the bed and takes her to the oily environment of Dark & Intense, both ladies liberally covered in oil.

Lottie is completely submissive to the redhead, as Davina caresses her body, tribs her, chokes and rubs her pussy. The blonde is powerless to resist as she is dominated and aroused by the redhead

The two women suck each other’s toes, and both are in ecstasy as their moans of pain and pleasure sound out. Davina grinds her powerful body over Lottie’s as she tribs and grinds her to orgasm

Davina now owns her and produces a collar which she places around her neck before attaching a chain lead and takes great pleasure in solidifying her ownership of her new pretty little blonde slave.

Lottie LaLay wears a black blouse which is taken off to reveal a black mesh bra and black thong

Davina Carrington wears a white blouse and black mini skirt which is removed to reveal a black bra and strappy thong

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