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SOS0268 Wild Women - Office Rivals - Lola Marie and Zoe Page

Two new ladies join the Sisterhood of Sin in this lesbian catball and sexfight encounter.

No one likes that girl in the office who sleeps her way to the top, particularly when said girl is the ravishing pale redhead Zoe Page. The game could be up as busty, thick-thighed Lola Marie has seen enough and sets out to end Ms Page’s mischief once and for all.

Zoe is sat at her desk when Lola enters and tells her exactly what she thinks of her. These Wild Women are going to settle things. They slam each other against the wall with Lola using her more than ample assets to squash Zoe breast to breast.

But Zoe isn’t going to succumb without a fight and bearhugs Lola and takes her to the desk bending her backwards and placing a pantyhose clad leg in between Lola’s so she can feel the heat from her pussy.

Things really heat up when the blouses and the skirts come off as they bearhug and scissor each other before submitting to the undeniable attraction which has being built, now they are really going to settle this woman to woman.

They trib each other through their pantyhose, the friction from the material sending waves of pleasure through their rivals bodies. Neither wants to be dominated by their rival and they each battle to defeat their rival physically and sexually.

As the trib duel builds speed their arms wrapped around each other in tight bearhugs, their moans become louder building to an orgasmic crescendo.

Will the beautiful Lola Marie teach upstart Zoe Page a lesson or will the redhead be able to continue her dominance of the office politics?

Lola Marie wears a white blouse and brown leather skirt with shiny coffee pantyhose and black high heels, the blouse and skirt are stripped off to reveal a black and silver bra and thong (pantyhose and heels remain on throughout)

Zoe Page wears a turquoise shiny satin blouse and white skirt with shiny pale pantyhose and tan heels. The blouse and skirt are stripped off to reveal black bra and panties (pantyhose and heels remain on throughout)

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